Monday, September 19, 2011

British Islamists Burn U.S Flag on 9/11 Outside U.S Embassy
If you want to visualize political correctness and bowing down to enemies who desire the demise of the nation state under democracy, then this video sums up the mass stupidity of the British elites. On September 11, a day of sadness and when thousands of innocents were killed in the name of Islam you have a different England. This is the England of Islamic radicalism and timid governments time after time irrespective of the political persuasion and a police force following orders and protecting the enemy from within.
It is no longer shocking in the United Kingdom to see Islamists spreading their hatred and getting away with it. It is also no longer shocking to see people who desire to show respect and lay flowers for the victims to face arrest by the police and with the clear backing of the government.
Indeed, just why British soldiers are dying in Afghanistan when Islamists at home are being allowed to mock dead soldiers and call for the demise of the British government is beyond me. It clearly shows that the government isn't honoring the dead and the brave soldiers who are fighting for a country they love and following the orders of the nation state.
Islamists have not only been allowed to enter the United Kingdom in droves but they have also been allowed to spread their hatred and convert British nationals. Not only this, Saudi Arabia is allowed to fund media outlets, mosques, and their vile propaganda.
Moderate Muslims have been shunned and it is their children who are targeted first by radical Islamists. Despite this, the government, irrespective if it is the Conservative Party or Labour Party, just ignores their voice and instead panders to the enemy of democracy and religious pluralism.
The sight of Islamists in London, or in any part of the United Kingdom, taunting the British and burning the American flag on September 11 is not only disturbing it is repugnant. However, the sight of seeing the British police allowing it and protecting them is complete madness and lacks any rationality.
Yet the final piece in the jigsaw is beyond the pale and makes no sense whatsoever. This applies to threatening British nationals and democrats who desire to pay their respect to the victims of September 11.
In the video you can clearly hear democrats stating "watch the flowers" when the police clampdown on people who want to show their solidarity with America on September 11.
This is the United Kingdom under the political correct government which protects the "American flag burners" and allows the police through various acts to even "trash the flowers" of people who want to remember the fallen on September 11.
This episode which is documented by the video shames the British government and the British police.

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